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Tanya Nielsen

Singer Producer

Tanya Nielsen is an Edmonton-born Electro-Pop artist now based in Montreal, Quebec. Her music is a fusion of 80s 90s pop, Latin pop, rock, world, and dance, inspired by her Chilean-Canadian upbringing and Nordic roots. With a passion for creating beats that make you move, Tanya pours her heart and soul into crafting irresistible melodies that are bound to get stuck in your head. Ever since self-producing her debut album Firefly in 2009, Tanya has been on a mission to create electronic pop music that fuses cultural influences from all corners of the globe. Collaborating with artists from around the world, Tanya immerses her music with diverse rhythms, melodies, and sounds that make her tunes truly one-of-a-kind. And with her gift for crafting irresistible pop hooks, Tanya's music is not only unique but also instantly memorable, leaving listeners humming her melodies long after the music has ended.



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